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     The Culinary Artist Knowledge Exchange, C. A. K. E. for short, is a four week design project based in the North Davidson (NoDa) area of Charlotte, NC.  The program includes a culinary school, administration, residence, and a public bakery.  The design focuses on the play between public and private, living, and learning, and the interaction of the building with the land.  Oriented around the notation of rotation, the building consists of various arms that have been 'rotated' about the vertical circulation units, leaving behind an impression in the landscape.  

C. A. K. E.

Rendered Section
Section 1
Section 2
Vignette 1
Vignette 2
Vignette 3
First Floor Plans
Vignette 4
Site Plan
Third Floor Plans
Model Form
Basement Floor Plans
Second Floor Plans
Parti Diagram
Section Model
Section Model
Section Model
Programmatic Collage
Parti Model
Parti Model
Parti Model
Parti Model
Massing Model
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