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     This landscape is the entry procession to a neurocenter.  The path takes the traveler from the parking lot and across a stream to the entry of the neurocenter.  Located at the level of the stream is a greenway.  The crossing also functions as an access point, allowing people both on and off the greenway.  Platforms under the bridge function as a resting place and allow users to interact with the otherwise inaccessible water edge.  The landscape is formed by a series of cube-like follies and recesses.  The cubes appear to have been pulled across the land, leaving trenches behind through which water flows and returns to the stream.  To further the occupants' interaction with water, the bridge lowers the occupant between two shallow pools, creating the sensation of submergence.  These pools cascade over the edge of the bridge in strategic places, creating a waterfall for those at the greenway level to interact with.  

Landscape and Procession

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